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Self-Representation with ... JuriSolutions

  • The Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division (hereinafter referred to as the "Small Claims Court") does not allow for parties, plaintiff or defendant, to be represented by counsel (lawyers).
  • "Having to be self-represented" does not however prevent you from being well supported with JuriSolutions in order to properly assess the dispute, to act appropriately and to be prepared to effectively present your case at the hearing.
  • Drafting, legal advice and strategies... All adapted to your needs. The relevance of resorting to legal and strategic advice and/or drafting for the Small Claims Court files has increased since its jurisdiction threshold has increased from $ 7,000 to $ 15,000 on January 1st 2015.
  • JuriSolutions provides legal solutions at set prices that meet your real needs, which are much more cost effective than the fees charged by law firms.

To know more about the Court of Quebec Small Claims Division:

General principles

legal solutions at a set all-inclusive price

set price

JuriSolutions provides legal services at set prices for individuals and companies involved in matters that fall within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court or in a contentious situation that would be of its jurisdiction in case of a claim.

consultation / drafting

With JuriSolutions you choose the legal services of consultation and/or of drafting based on your needs. In many situations, a one-time service of legal consultation and/or drafting is sufficient. In other situations, a combination package may be more beneficial.

solutions based on your needs

JuriSolutions's Packages give you the freedom to choose what truly suits your needs, depending on the amount in dispute, on your knowledge of the law, on your budget and on the time you have to devote to your case.

You wish to have a verbal opinion, to have your case analysed, to have a letter of demand or proceedings drafted, you wish to prepare yourself for a hearing or you would like to take advantage of JuriSolutions Packages with the combination package « from A to Z » contact us (514-942-2622 / to choose or help choose your package.

« Legal Consultation » Packages « Drafting » Packages« Combination » Packages

solutions based on your needs

legal service packages starting at $75

Consultation Packages

« Consultation » Packages

The « Consultation » Packages allow you to know the rules of law and the burden of proof applicable to the dispute, to assess whether to take or to contest a legal action, to review your file already produced (or to be filed) at the Small Claims Court, to decide to make amendments if necessary and to be prepared to present your case at the hearing.

The meetings described in our « Consultation » Packages can be conducted, at your choice, in our offices or by videoconference (Skype or Facetime).

Find out more about our « Consultation » Packages:

« Consultation » Packages

« Drafting » Packages

The « Drafting » Packages include one or more meetings at our offices for legal and factual analysis of the casein order to prepare the drafting of letters and/or proceedings.

Depending on the package chosen whether it is a letter of demand, a response to a letter of demand, a notice of latent defects, a claim to be filed with the Small Claims Court or a contestation to such a claim with a counterclaim(when appropriate), a statement in lieu of testimony, an application for transfer to another judicial district or to the competent court, an application to force a third person to intervene as a co-defendant or an impleaded party, a mandate to be represented, to make amendments to your claim or to your contestation or to an application for revocation of judgment.

Find out more about our « Drafting » Packages:

« Drafting » Packages

Drafting Packages
Combination Packages

« Combination » Packages

Les The « Combination » Packages provide the opportunity to choose different combinations of packages, with both legal consultation and drafting services, as in our very popular « from A to Z » Package which allows you to benefit, at the best price, from all the legal services provided by JuriSolutions until the hearing of your case by the Small Claims Court.

Find out more about our « Combination » Packages:

« Combination » Packages

JuriSolutions added value


  • JuriSolutions's legal services Packages are always rendered by a lawyer, member of the Quebec Bar Association with a minimum of 7 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation.

Set prices

  • With JuriSolutions, you know in advance the price of the legal services for each package chosen.
  • A Legal Service Agreement is always signed to this effect before the beginning of the service delivery.
  • G.S.T. and Q.S.T. are added to the price of the JuriSolutions's Packages.
  • JuriSolutions's Packages do not include the judicial stamp required by law (judicial fees) to file a claim, a counterclaim, a contestation or an application for revocation of judgment. To know the cost of the required stamp, click here.

Terms of payment and discounts

  • Payments can be made by credit card, Interac e-Transfer or cash.
  • Some packages may be paid by installments. Please consult the Legal Service Agreement.
  • Discounts apply when more than one package is used for the same case or if the legal services provided in the package have not been used entirely. Please consultJuriSolutions's Packages or the Legal Service Agreement.

Notification by bailiff

  • JuriSolutions offers its clients an optional service of notification by bailiff with regards to letters of demand, responses to letters of demand and notices of latent defects. A notification report is provided to you after the documents have been notified.
  • The fees associated with this optional service are of $ 25 plus the costs for the notification report. Please consult the Legal Service Agreement.
JuriSolutions's added value
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